40 Day Challenge



June 13th -July 22nd

Daily from 5:30am-7:00am PT

Are you ready to create a whole new vibration in your life by starting your day off with intentional living?

We’ve created an amazing 40 day class for you to start a brand new intentional living practice and we launch with the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

It’s normal to get caught up in the routines of life but this often leads to living on autopilot. Many of us wake up with the same thoughts, that create the same feelings that result in the same external circumstances and then wonder why we live in the reality that we do.

What if you gifted yourself with a new self care routine that has the potential to wake you up our of old patterns and into a new inspired and meaningful life?

A profound effect happens on the subconscious mind when we wake up early and start the day with an intentional and devotional practice. The subconscious mind is where all of our bad habits are rooted. When we wake up early our minds are still slipping out of the healing delta and theta waves, giving us an opportunity to imprint positive intentions into our consciousness.

The mind wants to run away from pain and find immediate pleasure, during this time we allow ourselves to create healthier neural pathways. When you practice in the morning it allows your heart to blossom, it activates your intuition and energy and draws out the best version of you and your connection to the world!

Are you ready to commit to lasting change in the way you feel, think and act by adding this one simple routine into your life?

The Intentional Sunrise Set

- 5 Minutes of Journaling

(to create your life from a conscious space) 

- Nabhi Kriya

(to activate the naval)

- 11 Minutes of Sat Kriya

(to center your prana and cultivate clarity)

- 22 Minutes of Chanting Long Ek Ong Kars

(to balance the chakras, charge the solar centers and connect to your Soul)

We can't wait to create this incredible intentional living frequency with you!

This will be a daily class on our schedule and makes for a perfect time to become an Aura Academy Member!

For just $97 you will receive this daily class plus 11 more giving you access to a total of 18 classes a week!


Email us with any questions!

Sadhana FAQ


Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice that carries you on your spiritual path. When committed to yourself through such a practice you

are saying to the Universe, "I am here, I am committed, I wish to live a higher life. I am doing the work to clear my consciousness so I am

connected to my dharma and living from love.”


Loose clothing appropriate for yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is traditionally practiced wearing white clothing with a white head

covering but you're welcome to wear any color. Bring a sweater or blanket to cover up with while meditating. Natural fibers are always

preferred if possible.


Mat, blanket, water bottle, journal.

You may like to have: tea cup, snack, sweater, meditation cushion.


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